It is easy being green... With Steam Carpet Cleaning Chicago Corp

We provide a friendly and  healthy environment with green carpet cleaning services for all residential and commercial needs.There are many advantages to organic green carpet cleaning compared to traditional carpet cleaning techniques.

Chemicals used in the traditional method are harmful, especially to children and the elderly, as well as pets. With green cleaning methods, there are none of these dangers to your health.  We use only a 100% organic pre-spray carpet cleaning solution and you don’t have worry any more about any allergies or any other possible sicknesses. The drying time of your carpets is much quicker so you don’t have to worry about wet carpets. Switching to green cleaning is a natural, positive way to improve your happy, healthy household environment! Go green with Steam Carpet Cleaning Chicago!

Steam Carpet Cleaning


We want to make your life easier by helping keep your environment cleaner and healthier. In order to reach the best cleaning results, Steam Carpet Cleaning Chicago uses hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.  That means that we do deep carpet cleaning. This deep cleaning method is better.  Most other carpet cleaning companies use shampoo or weak steam cleaning techniques which only cleans the surface of the carpet. 

Our 12 step carpet cleaning process is the best and is highly recommended by carpet manufactures:

"If you want a professional company that knows how to do the job right the first time, call Steam Carpet Cleaning Chicago! I vacuum my carpet all of the time and try to be very careful about stains, but sometimes you just run into a carpet stain that's too hard to take care of yourself. Steam Carpet Cleaning Chicago is always able to get rid of those tough stains from my carpet, and now I have a clean and beautiful carpet."Read more testimonials

Step 1: Pre-Inspection We walk through the job with you and inspect your carpet. We also give tips on how you can help your carpet last longer.
Step 2: Dry-Soil Removal Up to 85% of soil in a textile is dry particulate soil that has bonded to the surface of the fabric. Household vacuum cleaners don't always remove all of the dry soil. If not completely removed, it may wick back upon drying. Vacuum regularly and right before the cleaners come, or ask them to do it (fee may apply).
Step3: Furniture Moving Find out what furniture can stay in place, what furniture is recommended to be moved, and what is included under the regular pricing structure.
Step 4: Pre-Conditioning Traffic Areas In this step, a solution is applied that loosens the soil and spots for more effective removal. (We scrub your carpet! To see our unique system give us a call.)
Step 5: Pre-Treat Spots Some spots require special solutions and special care to avoid stains setting in and for complete stain removal.
Step 6: Pre-Grooming The carpet or upholstery pile is now gently massaged to further loosen the soils so that aggressive, harmful cleaning is not needed.
Step 7: Extraction Now that the soil has been properly suspended, it can be extracted without over-wetting or leaving a sticky residue behind.
Step 8: Neutralizing Another common problem is that some carpet cleaners don't neutralize the carpet. Not balancing the pH can cause the carpet to be stiff and attract dirt like a magnet.
Step 9: Specialty Spotting Stubborn stains sometimes require a specialty stain removal processes. Because many cleaners are not fully trained for these situations, they do not know about these processes. As a result, those companies sometimes gouge customers to use these processes because they offer a low price they intend not to keep.
Step 10: Post Grooming The pile of the carpet or upholstery should then be finished so that it dries and cures in the proper direction.
Step 11: Speed Dry Proper drying should be insured with high velocity air movers. (As needed)
Step 12: Post Inspection A thorough walk through should be done to insure that you are completely satisfied with your cleaning job.